Rick Simpson Oil (RSO)


Rick Simpson Oil.
THC Is the Cancer Killer

Since 2003, Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) has helped thousands of patients and their families win the battle against cancer. Our proprietary formula is both rich in THC and has over 100+ cannabinoids, making it powerful enough to combat stage I-IV cancer.

Rick Simpson’s self healing journey, has now become a worldwide phenomenon. Countless medical studies have revealed that cannabinoids in Rick Simpson Oil destroys and stops the growth of cancer, while preserving healthy cells.

More recently in 2022, a break through in cancer research, marked the first time immunotherapy alone eliminated the need for chemotherapy, radiation or surgery. All participants in the study were 100% cancer free, which further shows what we in the cannabis community have known for a long time: That recovery from cancer can be achieved without chemotherapy and radiation.

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Buy RSO online USA and Canada Indica RSO Oil 

Buy RSO online USA and Canada – Rick Simpson Oil (RSO), also known as Phoenix Tears, is a highly effective full-spectrum extract. The extraction process is such that all of the medically beneficial cannabinoids are extracted from the cannabis plant, resulting in a potent and effective medicine for oral consumption. RSO is a very efficacious medicine due to the entourage effect of the cannabinoids present. Buy Rick simpson oil online. When consumed orally, RSO is often much more effective per milligram ingested than more refined extracts such as distillate or honey oil.

Best Uses RSO – Order RSO online Canada

Indica RSO is extremely beneficial to those suffering from severe life-threatening illnesses, mental health struggles, chronic pain and a host of other ailments. RSO leaves you blissful and relaxed as an overwhelming sense of calm and relief washes over you.

Perfect for those seeking relief from stress, anxiety, muscle spasms, insomnia, seizures and headaches. Reliable scientific research has proven Indica products are extremely beneficial for certain ailments and conditions. Indica cannabis has an international reputation for its ability to sedate, relax, induce appetite and decrease stress. This Indica RSO Oil is a perfect end to a long, stressful or painful day.

Dosage – where to buy rick simpson oil online USA

As always with oral consumption, we suggest users start low and take it slow, a common starting point is a dose half the size of a rice grain. Alternatively, mix the RSO with a carrier oil for easier dosing. As this product is extremely concentrated and viscous it is recommended that the syringe be heated up for easier dispensing.

We suggest ingesting your RSO with food and allowing two hours for the full effects. Please always keep RSO and other cannabis products away and out of reach of animals and children, do not drive or operate heavy machinery after consumption and please do not consume if pregnant.

RSO for Cancer Treatment (and other chronic/serious illnesses)

RSO is an oil made from the flowers of the cannabis (marijuana) plant. It has received widespread attention worldwide due to the growing number of people who claim it treats cancer. There’s no concrete evidence for it YET, but early research suggests that some chemicals in marijuana have future potential as a cancer treatment. Unlike many other cannabis oils, Rick Simpson Oil is high in tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the main psychoactive chemical in marijuana. THC is the chemical in marijuana that provides the “high.”

RSO Oil Benefits

As for RSO oil effects on our body, here are the effects and treatments that you should know.

THC 1000mg
Effects/Treatment: Improved mood, relaxes muscles, stimulate appetite, reduce pain, promote sleep, deep relaxation
Effects/Treatment: Reduce inflammation, improve mood, reduce pain, stimulate the brain.
Effect/Treatment: Slow bacterial growth, anti-microbial, treat cancer, bone stimulation.
Effect/Treatment: Calming, reduce inflammation, reduce nausea, decrease anxiety, relax muscles, treat PTSD.

There are also many medical benefits to use Rick Simpson oil. It can be used to treat a variety of ailments such as:

  • Cancer
  • Insomnia
  • Arthritis
  • Diabetes
  • Leukemia
  • Chronic pain

How To Use Rick Simpson Oil

This famous concentrate is full of plant extract for full-body relaxation. For those who have a high tolerance to THC, remember that RSO works differently by attaching to different receptors. This action gives you a first-time high feeling.

Since the oil is in a syringe form, it can be either be taken sublingually or infuse to your own edibles. It’s recommended to seek the advice of a medical professional if you are unsure if this is a suitable treatment for you.

RSO is a very powerful oil, where it can get you high in a fast manner. We suggest only taking a rice-sized dose for the first-time usage. If you feel the need to take more, be light on the second dose.

Rick Simpson Oil Price

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Where To Buy Rick Simpson Oil Canada?

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